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Promoting Israeli Arts and Culture

How would a  secular Jew in Manhattan connect with Judaism? Where would he or she do so? In which space, beside the JCC, do non-religious cultural events take place? The Israeli Artists Project (IAP) is committed to providing that space and fulfill that need through Israeli cultural performances and presentations. The creative team at IAP believe that the gap created by differences in religious beliefs are bridged through quality art, poignant theatre, and talented performers.  They are determined to spark conversation, fuel creativity, and create a home for all those wishing for the experience the best of Israeli art, culture, and community.


What We’re All About

IAP sprouted from a determination to bring “Scoop”, an Israeli play written by Yair Packer with music by David Brosa that uses the backdrop of the Israeli Jewish-Arab conflict to paint a non-political, deeply human story of love and loss, to New York City. Israeli plays are not often performed this side of the Atlantic, and producers Yoni Vendringer and Mor Cohen believed that living and working in New York City were a community of theatre lovers and artists who yearned to enjoy Israeli culture and art, yet lacked the access.

In March, 2018, “Scoop” premiered at the Roy Arias Stages. It was directed by Charlotte Cohen, and alternated between Hebrew and English on alternating nights with the same cast.

The play was so successful, that the Israeli American Cultural Foundation (IACF) invited IAP do a selection from "Scoop" at a private event in May of the same year. That was so successful, that IAP was invited by the IACF to present ten-minutes from "Best Friends" by Anat Gov for their gala at Lincoln Center. Following the gala, IAP rode the wave of enthusiasm streaming from people and press, and produced a staged reading of "Wall of Glass" by Yoren Yaakobi at the Stephen Wise Synagogue on the Upper West Side.

It’s been exactly one year since IAP was founded, and IAP is proud to announce that there will be many more projects to come.


Where We Go From Here

2019 will include the following programming:

  1. “Aviv Celebration”, a night of Israeli culture honoring Sasson Gabay from “The Band’s Visit”.

Hosted by Iris Bahr, it will feature performances by Samir Shukri & the Habibi Kings, Yoav Eshed Fire Quartet, TLV - Israeli Cover Band, The Quartet, and David Broza.

There will be selected scenes from Israeli plays and musicals.

A guest speech by Noam Semel.

An after-party with DJ Omari Anghel.

2. An Israeli Arts Festival at the 14th Street YMCA.

There will be theatre, dance, jazz, singing, movies, and food. All Israeli, all open to the public.

And much, much more!