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"SCOOP" is an original Israeli play that uses the backdrop of the Israeli Jewish-Arab to explore how far people will go to defend their heritage.

The show ran both in Hebrew and English by a cast of local Israeli actors. 



"Best Friends" a story told with humor, heart, and biting wit  about three women who are forced to examine their friendship and discover themselves in the process.

Written by Israeli playwright and screenwriter Anat Gov (1953-2012), "Best Friends" was the

longest running comedy in Israel and won the prestigious Israel National Theater Award for Best Comedy in 1999.

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"Wall of Glass" is a family drama focused on the Holocaust's generational damage. Rachel, a successful Israeli dancer, lives in Berlin far removed from her family. One day, her mother and brother arrive to fulfill the will of her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor who requested for his ashes to be scattered in the same concentration camp which claimed his own mother and sibling. 

This reading was part of the 5th Annual Remembrance Readings